Dr.Mayank Aggarwal

Patents Published/Granted

1.Mayank Aggarwal,Krishna Rajput, Aditya Tripathi,Ashutosh Bhat. "System and Method to securely store data across network in distributed database to rehabilitate river". Published in Official Journal of Patent Office. Patent/Issue No 23/2020. Date 05/06/2020. Applicaion No : 202011017541. Click for Details

2.Sumit Bansal, Himashu Agarwal, Mayank Aggarwal. "A cloud fog based architecture for smart healthcare system for industry and society pur". Granted by Australian Patent. Date 25/8/2021. Applicaion No : 2021107417. Click for Details

3. Mayank Aggarwal et al. "System and Method for reporting information related to drug trafficking anonymously". Date 21/5/22. Applicaion No : 202211029346. Click for Details