Dr.Mayank Aggarwal

Papers presented in Conference
Sr. No. Title of the Organized By Title of the Paper Presented International/ National/ State/Local Duration
Conference/ from to
Workshop/ Seminar
01 Next Generation Computing Technologies UPES, Dehradun Cloud Economics Model International(IEEE-Conference) 4,Sept,,2015 5,Sept,2015
02 Science and Technology for Indigenous Development in India ISCA and FET,GKV-Haridwar Cloud Providers Analysis and Comparison National 28,Sept,2015 30,Sept,2015
03 CSI-Golden Jubilee Convention on Digital Life CSI , New Delhi Optimized Cost Model with optimal resource usage for Cloud International 2,Dec,2015 5,Dec,2015
04 Next Generation Computing Technologies UPES, Dehradun Energy Efficient VM Migration in Cloud International(IEEE-Conference) 4,Sept,2015 5,Sept,2015
05 Present Innovative Approaches and New Paradigm in Physical Education,29/08/14. Dept. of Physical Education, GKV,Haridwar Effect of Computers on Mental Health National 29,Aug,2014  
06 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications & COER-Roorkee Impact of Cloud Based Services on Society International 28,Nov,2014 30,Nov,2014
07 National Seminar on Threats to Bio Diversity And Ecosystems GKV,Haridwar Virtualization:Go Green Concept National 17,Nov,2014 19,Nov,2014
08 Utrakahand State Science and Technology Congress-2013 Doon University and UCOST Efficient and Secured Infrastructure Management Using cloud National 26,Dec,2013 28,Dec,2013
09 National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Sciences GKV,Haridwar Mobile Agent Security Model National 9,Nov,2013 10,Nov,2013
10 National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Sciences GKV,Haridwar Cloud Computing : A new prespective National 9,Nov,2013 10,Nov,2013
11 National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computational Research and development DSVV, Haridwar Implementing storage as a Service using Scsi National 7,Sept,,2013 8,Sept,2013
12 27th Indian Engineering Congress Institution of Engineer’s, Delhi Hierarchal Fault Tolerant Secured Mobile Agent Model International 13,Dec,2012 16,Dec,2012
13 Vedic Studies & Information Technology Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar.(23-24 August,2011) Science & Technology in Vedas. National 23,Aug,2011 24,Aug,2011
14 World Congress for Man and Nature.  GKV Haridwar, from 11-13, Nov, 2011 Role of mobile agent in Digital Education International 11,Nov,2011 13,Nov,2011
15 Int.Colloquium on History of Mathematical Sciences and Symposium in Non Linear Analysis Kumaon University,Almorah Survey of Fault tolerance and security issues in mobile agents International 16,May,2011  
16 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics & Communications (ICETEC-2009)- 11 September -2009. Indo Global Colleges,Mohalli. Three Tier Secured Mobile Agent Mediated e-bussiness model" International 11,Sept,2009  
17 National Seminar on "Power of Algorithms Graphic Era University,Dehradun. Modellling of Three Tier Secured Mobile Agent Model using CPNets National 8,May,2010  
18 Emerging Trends in IT Sector – Issues and Challenges Shri Atmanand Jain Institute of Management and Technology Security of Mobile Agents in e-commerce National 14,March,2009  
19 Inculcating Spiritiuality in Tommorow's Technocrats ISOL-Delhi,IIT-Roorkee and GKV-Haridwar. International Conference on Inculcating Spiritiuality and Organizational Leadership,1-5 Feburary,2011 International 1,Feb,2011 5,Feb,2011